Pre-Raphaelite Circles: Mary Caroline Stuart-Wortley, Lady Artist

Mary Caroline Stuart-Wortley on her Wedding day on 30th December 1880 Although needed at home to nurse her invalid father, Mary Stuart-Wortley wanted to be a professional artist. She even considered commercial work, notably designing greetings cards. Perhaps she hoped to supplement the family‚Äôs income. According to family tradition Mary yearned to be an artistContinue reading “Pre-Raphaelite Circles: Mary Caroline Stuart-Wortley, Lady Artist”

Pre-Raphaelite Circles: De Morgans and Lovelaces

In her reminiscences, The Lilac and the Rose (1952), Susan Buchan, Baroness Tweedsmuir, the daughter of Caroline and Norman Grosvenor, recalled: We did not know many artists when we were children. But William de Morgan and his wife were friends of the Lovelaces and I saw them for time to time, though they were hardContinue reading “Pre-Raphaelite Circles: De Morgans and Lovelaces”