Art History with Anne

Aubrey Beardsley 150: The Artist Resurgent,

a conference to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Aubrey Beardsley’s birth.

Saturday 21st August 2022 from 10am

I will be giving a paper as this conference:

Beardsley’s Punch Line: the collected works of ‘Weirdsley Daubery’ 

At first glance the reader can be taken in by Punch’s Beardsley parodic cartoons, as they plagiarise his style so perfectly. Mr Punch also had much fun with his name: ‘Weirdsley Daubery’, ’Danby Weirdsley’ and ‘Mortarthurio Whiskerley’, the latter a pun on Beardsley’s Morte d’Arthur illustrations. Throughout 1894 and early 1895 Punch was peppered with Beardsley and Yellow Book parodies, with Edward Tennyson Reed most often responsible. These images are well known, being published in many volumes on Beardsley’s life and work. However, the meaning of some appears obscure, for example ‘Le Yellow Book’ (1895) or ‘Quid Est Pictura’ – Veritas Falsa’ (1895).Reproduced without the accompanying text has weakened the cartoon’s message. As was typical of the editorial policy, Mr Punch followed his own agenda using the Beardsley style to comment more broadly on current issues particularly the inexplicability of contemporary art and the so-called New Woman novel.  By uniting image and text, I hope to explain the ‘Punch-line’, thereby gaining greater insight into the Beardsley Years.

‘She-Notes’, Edward Tennyson Reed after Aubrey Beardsley

The event is organised by the Decadence Research Centre at Goldsmiths in association with the Aubrey Beardsley Society and Birkbeck Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies.

Go to the website to find out about the other speakers.

the conference will be hosted by the St Bride Foundation, London.

St Bride Foundation: Home

Registration is free but you must go to the website to register through Eventbrite

Aubrey Beardsley 150: The Artist Resurgent – Eventbrite › aubrey-beardsley-150-th…

21 Aug 2022 —

Hope you can join me!

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